Concept Archery 99% Let Off Bows


An excellent piece of hunting equipment and an excellent company to deal with.

Charles Larue, Staff Shooter
Clendenin, WV
Believer owner, Pastor of the Clendenin Church of Nazarene

This bow is everything you said it was and a lot more. The smoothness of the draw and the energy this bow puts out is off the charts. The letoff is a major factor when you are waiting for that perfect shot or shot angle. Enclosed is a photo of the recent 8 point I harvested with my P-50. He was quartering toward me at 25 yards and the arrow broke his shoulder blade with a complete pass through exiting at the base of his tail. Talk about power and energy. Thanks again for a great product that is made in the USA.

Jessie W.
Muncy, PA
Concept P50 owner

Concept Archery and if one word can describe it, the word is "Quality"!!! Simple meets functional. Strictly bought the bow for a dependable hunting bow. Did my research....The bow is completely made in the USA from USA made parts all the way down to its four 1/4" needle roller bearings.

Blue Hunter
Concept Believer owner

One of the best pieces of equipment that I own!

Charles N.
Arabi, GA
Owner of 3 Concept models

I absolutely love my Believer bow and the 99% let off. There is no other like it and built with USA made top quality.

Kelton Krammer
Concept Believer

We were very impressed with the Mini29 (for being so "mini"). It didn't take long to get used to the 99% let off and frankly, going back to our normal bows took some getting used to (really easy to creep forward with them after shooting the Mini 29 - such a rock solid wall). Blind clearance was tremendous inside our Covert Hunting Blinds and noise level on the shot rivaled the Limbsaver Deadzone. We wouldn't hesitate to hunt with this bow.

My other hunting bow is a X-brand and it's been put on the back burner. Your bow is the quietest bow I've ever shot. I own several and often can't decide which one to shoot.

Attached the rest, nocking point and three arrows later, it was bullet holed. I was totally amazed. Perfect arrow flight, no noise and absolutely no recoil. This bow is years ahead of its time. I have been shooting competition since 1974, and I have never, ever seen a bow like this.

Jerry Trame, Staff Shooter
Mini29, C99 & Believer owner

The Mini29 is an absolute dream, especially for us "older" archers. It is extremely compact, easy to swing, has an unusual draw cycle (valley is very late in the cycle), but easy, and the let off is amazing... But more than this, it paper-tuned with 4 arrows, and is whisper quiet! It also has no vibration. I have owned at least 20 bows, including 3 Mathews and 3 Bowtech bows, and this bow is in some ways a cut above these bows. It is the ideal bow for us "older" archers, for both hunting and target shooting.

Dr. Bickers
Mini29 owner

Hey mate, the bow you supplied me with is the smoothest and easiest bow I've ever used. I was shooting better than 1 inch groups at 15 yards with it and I hadn't used a bow for years.

Nathan S.
Calboolture, Australia
Mini29 owner

Tammy's Pink C32 is an extraordinary bow. She is shooting less than 1" groups at 40 yards - something she couldn't do with her old bow. I will be selling my bow and getting a Concept in the near future.

Roger G.
Fort Bridger, WY
Pink C32 owner

Guys this bow is so awesome...the let-off is incredible and I was shooting quarter size groups at 30yds. Thanks for putting a great bow on the market that no one else seems to have! Mini 29 ROCKS!

Tony C.
Frisco, TX
Mini29 owner

Well my second season is in the books with my Mini 29 and I'm still having a ball. I had a few real nice bucks come near me this year, but was never able to pick a clear lane. I did however have the pleasure of harvesting a doe at 52 yards. In the past I would have never been able to hold a bow steady enough to even consider it. I consistently practice out to ranges of 65-70 yards and I'm able to hit a 6 in circle consistently. The doe was feeding broadside and I held for 30 seconds then sent one directly into the vitals. She went about 10 yards and expired. Bottom line is, I'm having fun, I'm shooting and didn't have to go to a cross bow.

Bill E.
Chicago, Illinois
Mini29 owner

I punched a perfect bullet hole with the first shot after installing the Spot Hogg Whammy rest. Don't know why that old Monkeys song "I'm a Believer" keeps on getting into my head the last 2 days.

Paul C.
New York
BelieverG1 owner

The day that I switched to shooting a Concept my 3D scores jumped by 10 to 20 points and my confidence in the field jumped tremendously. I have shot every other type of bow out there and although I think that most companies are putting out a great bow, none compare to that of a Concept. I have found no flaws in Concepts bows for they are truly the most well rounded bows out there. The ease of shooting their bows are second to none, while the precision has been maintained entirely. I have taken several Pope and Young class bucks with a Concept, as well as placed in several tournaments. Their product is amazing and the service you will receive through Concept is absolutely over the top. Being a Concept owner for the last several years I personally would ONLY recommend a Concept to any bow hunter, 3D, or spot shooter out there. They truly are a top notch bow.

Marcus W. Waterworth, Staff Shooter
P50 & Orion owner

The Mini29 has become my go-to bow. I baby it and now only use my Mathews in foul weather, and unlike my Mathews, I can shoot fixed broadheads out of it without planing.

Dr. Dave D.
New Jersey
Mini29 & Believer owner

This has got to be the best all around bow I have ever shot! Extremely fast, very quiet, compact, and very user friendly. Oh yeah, did I mention 99% let off? You can pull it back in the morning and hold it all day long. The perfect hunting bow. I recommend Concept Archery bows to anyone who wants the BEST all around bow, period.

Tim Smith, Staff Shooter
Mini29 & C99 owner

I got my C99 in today. Talk about one good shooting bow! I can not out shoot this bow with any other bow that I own or have shot and service from these guys is #1! Thanks Concept.

Randall Dunn, Staff Shooter
C99 & Mini29 owner

I was a little concerned about whether or not I'd get enough penetration to take down a 1200lb buffalo. Well, the arrow buried up to the fletching only to be stopped by the shoulder blade on the other side. Impressive for a 60lb bow and a 40 yard shot. Thanks for a superior bow.

Tony F.
Mini29 owner

It is wonderful to hold almost nothing while trying to aim. My 67 year old body doesn't stay as steady as it did years ago so the 99% let off is a blessing.

Donald H.
P50 owner

I sold three to people with shoulder and back problems that would of had to quit shooting or go to a crossbow and they didn't like the crossbow option. I even had someone send me one from Utah. He bought it used and needed a lighter draw weight and a shorter draw length. He too had shoulder problems. I got him straightened out and he sent me a list of game he has taken with the bow. I feel they are great bows and was surprised the first time I shot one - quiet and great speed for 99% let off.

Buck Run Archery

I have owned many bows, but my Concept bow is by far my favorite all-time bow. I like shooting my others, but I LOVE shooting my Concept. I've traveled and hunted much big game, and not once has my Concept let me down. Dependable, fast, accurate and quiet!

Jim P.
P50 owner

I have an Orion model that I shoot for 3D. I found that since I could hold more steady, my scores went up by 30 points.

Carl R.
Orion owner

At first, I was skeptical of these extremely high let-off bows. This was not my first Concept. I received a little Mini29 hunting bow. I originally wanted the Mini29 to use for hunting and the advantage of the higher let-off for holding a long time at full draw. When I started sighting in the Mini29, I started finding I could indeed make a better release with the Mini29 than I could with a 65% or 80% let off bow. I also found with this high of a let-off, side torque was eliminated.
Quite simple these bows both have a rock solid wall. What I am finding is that the true back tension release really works extremely well with it. Since the wall is so solid, you can apply what ever back tension you wish. You can also relax more and feel all the right muscles into place. I don't tend to have any problem with having a weak shot or a strong shot. Also, with this low of a holding weight, you can use one true back tension release for all your bows without having to reset it.
I find it is almost impossible to hold with a pound of holding pressure. If I can't make the shot, I can relax some and can enter the valley again, but I am always holding with a couple of pounds of back tension. This was one of the things, I observed about the Mini29. I could ease off the back tension and rest in the valley. I basically didn't have to let down. This seemed like an advantage to target shooting too as I could wait out a gust of wind or relax and catch my breath without having to completely let down.
I am sure that the extremely high let off is improving my shooting. I don't have to rush the shot and I can ease into the release easier.

McMahan Archery Products

I just would like to say I'm very impressed with your C32 model. I just purchased a pink one. It took a few shots to get used to the let off, but it shot like a dream! I also shoot fingers only, so the let off is a plus! Keep building great bows and I'm looking forward to seeing future models.

Kate W.
C32 (pink) owner

So this morning was the first chance I've had to shoot my new bow. I'm loving the bow and am getting some pretty tight groupings. I'm attaching a pic of my first "Robin Hood" with the new bow. At 25 yards, I shot this robinhood about 15 minutes into my practice. At 30 yards, I'm getting very tight grouping already too. I just love the bow and can't wait for October 1st to get here.

Bill D.
New York
Believer owner

Very easy to draw and easier to hold at full draw. I held on an alligator gar for almost 5 minutes in my DVD Video. Concept bows are the best bows that I ever owned! They are a super bow for gray hair guys with ailments such as shoulder or rotator cuff injuries.

Tink Nathan
Creator of Tink's 69™
Lifelong Bowhunter & Expert Archer

I'm new to bowhunting, but within the 1st two days, I already have two bow kills; a whitetail buck and a Texas hog. The Believer is dialed in and off to a great start. From day 1 and after only shooting 2 times, I had less than a 3 inch group at 25 yards. Thanks for such a great bow!

Dave H.
Believer owner

1st Day Robinhoods

Jason Robinhood
Jason, Mini29, 1st Day Robinhood

Bill D. Robinhood
Bill D., Believer, 1st Day Robinhood

Theresa Robinhood
Theresa S., Pink C32, 1st Day Robinhood

Dan H. Robinhood
Dan H., P50, 1st Day Robinhood

Other Notable Shots

Randall Robinhood
Randall Allen, Believer, Double Robinhood

Devon Robinhood
Devon Allen, Custom Believer, Robinhood

Glenn Robinhood
Glenn Trame, Believer, 30 Yard Robinhood

Dave Grouping
Dave H., Believer, 1st Day 25 Yard Group

Jesse Wagner double robbinhood
Jesse Wagner, 1st & 2nd ever Robinhoods
(4 arrows shot total)

Jesse's 3rd robbinhood
Jesse's 3rd a few weeks later from 40 yards.

Jesse Wagner N Montour 3D Score Card
Jesse's score card shows how well he likes
his Concept P50. Congrats.