Concept Archery 99% Let Off Bows

  • All American Bow
  • AAX-10
  • In Line Grip
  • Concept's Modular Cam

AAX-10 Details

Possibly The World's Most Accurate Target Bow! Unequal 10" brace height to assist you in achieving X10's all day long. Ideal for spot and known distance competition.
  • Solid Billet Milled Riser
  • Concept CAX-6 Cam
  • Concept's "In-line" Walnut Grip
  • Limbsaver String Decelerator, Cable Guard Dampener (black), Teflon™ Cable Slide, Concept Cush Knocks™
  • Available in Right Hand Only

AAX-10 Specs

Axle to Axle
Brace Height
IBO Speed
Draw Lengths
Draw Weights
40, 50, 60
String Length
94" (red & white)
Cable Length
38" (red & white)
Mass Weight
4 lbs 9 oz (4.5lbs)


Peak Weight and Draw Length