Concept Archery 99% Let Off Bows



The staff shooters listed below with their email addresses are those that are willing to meet with you to show you their Concept bow. If a staff shooter is in your area and you are interested in meeting with them, please send them an email; be sure to include a subject to your email such as "I would like to see your Concept Bow".

Concept's Staff Shooters

Jessie Wagner, Muncy, PA
Isaac and Skip Welton, Wisconsin
Craig Gillenwater, Sod, West Virginia
Charles Larue, Clendenin, West Virginia
Cliff Touroo, Murphy, NC
CAS Custom Arrows
Randall Dunn, Lena, Louisiana
Marcus Waterworth, Viking, Minnesota
Anthony Clark, Ash Flat, Arkansas
Jacob Clark, Ash Flat, Arkansas
Jeremy Laakso, Ishpeming, Michigan
David Hughes, Cypress, Texas
Kelton Krammer, Harper, Texas
Shawn Ryan, West Bend, Wisconsin
Dr. Randall Allen, Powers, Michigan
Matthew Allen, Powers, Michigan
Devon Allen, Powers, Michigan
Jim Starcher, Fairmont, West Virginia
Dot Grantham, Bush, Louisiana
Tony Earlywine, Connersville, Indiana
Glenn Trame, West Frankfort, Illinois
Derrick Reding, Auburn, Kentucky
Robert Leibhart, Washington, Pennsylvania
Frank Barber, Cataula, Georgia
Shawn Oxendine, Carrabelle, Florida
Theresa Sedore, Ontario Canada
Ryan Weaver, Appleton, Wisconsin
Luke Wright, Seymour, Missouri
Michael Kleinpeter, Prairieville, Louisiana
Tink Nathan, Center Point, Texas
Founder of Tink's 69
Troy Black, Sturgis, Kentucky
God's Outdoor Ministries
Scott Sherman, Centerburg, Ohio
Bob Miller, Howe, Indiana
Barry Swanson - RIP, Minersville, Pennsylvania

Staff Shooter Program

Concept's staff shooter program offers $150.00 in Concept Cash for any bow that a staff shooter sells - whether to a friend or stranger, we just need them to mention your name. Concept Cash can be used on any item sold in our online store or towards a new bow purchase.

Staff Shooters automatically get $150 off of any new bow purchase without any Concept Cash credit earned.

For $25, Concept Archery will supply you with staff shooter business cards with your name and contact information to help you generate sales. Staff shooters also receive discounts on new strings and cables, FREE shop service, and other product discounts.

All staff shooters must fill out the above Staff Shooter Application, and based on your achievements and/or associations. We require very little of our staff shooters, though we strongly believe in "one hand washes the other" and for those willing to help us, we're willing to help you. We are looking forward to a long lasting relationship, and wishing you the best of success.

Staff Shooters Promotional Items

Staff Shooter Business Cards

Staff Shooter Business Card

Custom Staff Shooter Shirts

Staff Shooter Shirt Front

Staff Shooter Shirt Back

These custom, USA made, Staff Shooter Shirts are made by G2 Gemini - a leader in outdoor tournament jerseys. The Intera® Fabric is wear resistant, anti-microbial, breathable and wicks moisture away from the body. These custom, high quality shirts can only be ordered by phone for each shirt will be customized with our staff shooters name on the front and back. Approximate cost is $85.00 including shipping with a 3-4 week turn around time.