Concept Archery 99% Let Off Bows

  • C32 Bow
  • C32 Pink Bow

C32 Details

The C-32 is one of the world's lightest IBO bows! With a mass weight of only 3 lbs 5 oz (3.3 lbs), this bow is ideal for women, youth, or those who do a lot of bowhunting on foot.
  • Next G1 Camo or Pink Carbon Fiber Limbs & Marble
  • Limbsaver Products: Power Ring Cable Guard Dampener (black), Teflon™ Cable Slide, String Leech
  • Right Hand only

C32 Specs

Axle to Axle
Brace Height
IBO Speed
314 fps
Draw Lengths
24-31" 1/2" settings
Draw Weights
30, 40, 50, 60, 70
String Length
85" Concept Camo™ Strings
Cable Length
34" Concept Camo™ Strings
Mass Weight
3 lbs 5 oz (3.3lbs)



Pink and Next G1

Normally: $700.00

Pink Carbon Fiber


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