Concept Archery 99% Let Off Bows


With thousands of film patterns to choose from, there's sure to be a pattern that will meet your liking.
It is very likely that there will not be another Concept bow on the planet with your look - a true, custom, one of a kind bow!
The finish of your bow is also up to you. Choose a flat, satin, or gloss finish which is applied to both the riser and limbs.
We will also have a custom single or two color string and bus cable set made to further compement your one of a kind bow..

Upon checkout, indicate which film number you would like your riser and limbs.
You will also need to indicate what type of finish you would like applied to your bow - flat, satin, or gloss.
Next fill in the string and cable field with the choice of one or two colors.
Our average, the turn-around time on custom bows is three to four weeks, but custom bows can take up to eight weeks before shipping.
All custom ordered bows are non-refundable.

The cost on all custom bows is an additional $190
above the bows retail price

Film number for riser & limbs, finish, string color(s)